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25 Jun

3 Days With Vina Esmeralda in Spain

I won’t lie, I have only gained a serious interest in wine last year. I always wanted to immerse myself into the world of the grape, especially since my last trip to Spain in 2018 where wine is paired so perfectly with every meal.

So when I received my invite to join 6 other international bloggers in a gorgeous country estate, Hotel Masia La Palma in Girona to discover Vina Esmeralda, I could have not been more excited.

The wine itself is the most feminine of all the wines produced by the legendary Bodegas Torres. The white wine is delicate and aromatic yet sensual and silky with a lovely floral tone ;).

The Rosé was also delicious. This is a wine to add a touch of sophistication to any moment of your life from a relaxing session by the pool to dinner at home for your friends. It is a fresh, light wine with an aromatic intensity that comes from the Mediterranean grape variety Garnacha.

Besides the flavours, what I also loved was that these beautiful bottles also respect the environment since they are lighter in weight than standard bottles. This means that its transportation produces less CO2 emissions, responsible for climate change, one of Torres’ biggest concerns. Yes to companies that care!

Now that you guys know a little more about these 2 amazing wines, I’ll give you a brief summary of the magical 3 days we spent together with their team and some truly amazing ladies from across Europe.

From sharing locally sourced ingredients for our group dinners with the perfect Vina Esmeralda wine pairings, to prepping our countries favourite meal to share and talk about with everyone, the conversations and flavours we experienced were magical.

One thing that really stood out was how organic this stay was. The activities we did together felt natural, not forced, and allowed to explore the space and the wine on our own which in turn inspired us to create content that was authentic.

Like learning how to create our own flower crowns with Lito y Lola, one of my definite highlights.

Or getting spiritual over a yoga session in the gorgeous grounds of the Masia La Palma.

And then there was food. Alot of it. Some of the most delicious meals I have had in a while including the world famous anchovies from a town called L’Escala at Restaurant Ultramar.

Need more food inspo? This paella might just do…

After the wine and food feast, we had time to explore the quaint and stunning town of L’Escala, a charming fishing village that sits on one of the “most beautiful bays in the world”, according to UNESCO. 

Lined with beautiful, sandy beaches, somehow this traditional Catalan town has avoided the tourism you’ll find in some other spots along the Costa Brava.

Every corner of this town was breathtaking.

And beyond Instagrammable….thanks Vina Esmeralda, you really know what us content creators love (wink!)

The 3 days flew, filled with memories, new friends, LOTS of wine, food, and discovering that that the simple things in life can bring true joy…

So next time you head to Costa Brava, make sure you stop by Hotel Masia La Palma, Sit under one of their majestic trees, and indulge in a glass of white or rose from Vina Esmeralda, the time will stop ticking and life will be beautiful.

Vina Esmeralda is sold in over one hundred markets around the world including Canada. Grab it at your local SAQ or click here and thank me later!


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