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11 Jan

I did the vampire facial and here’s the 411

You’ve seen it on the Kardashians, that bloody facial that has you looking scarier than the walking dead but is worth all the hype apparently.

So being the beauty junkie that I am I decided to do some serious research and take the plunge because my skin has been screaming for help for a hot minute now.

After some extensive searching I ended up going to Katherine O’Neil who I fully trust and know she has a light touch and natural approach. She also always has good stories to share which makes the time flyyyyyy on by.


A little low down on “the vampire facial” which is also known as the platelet-rich plasma (PRP) facial: the whole process includes drawing blood from your arm so if that gets you queazy, you might want to re-think doing this. Once your blood is drawn the platelets get separated and then boom, injected into your face by microneedling. Worry not your face gets good and frozen beforehand so the pain is none or ultra minimal. So once Katherine went over my face with her pen,  the platelets absorbed into the tiny injection holes cause by the needling.

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So why is this process so effective? The platelets are high in growth hormone and the needles cause a cell turnover meaning a mini facelift effect in the end!

To sum up here’s the summary of the process and my result:

-The process lasted about 2 hours from the moment I stepped to the office, drew my blood, waited for my face to numb and the entire process after.

-There’s a little discomfort but nothing you can’t handle in the name of beauty.

-You’ll look scary right after so be prepared to stay in or if you’re that brave, the do your thing! I personally netflix and chilled…

-It’ll take a good two days to look normal again.

-The real result will take about 3 weeks but I personally noticed a difference in glow, texture and brightness a few days after.

So would I do it again? Yes…in fact I’m planning on going right after my Costa Rica vacation since you should not be in the sun right after this. Thje reuislts were natural and my skin felt young and renewed.

So if you have any questions, I highly recommend to contact Katherine (514-933-3449) and she’ll answer any concerns you have before you take the plunge.



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