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8 Nov

These Cougar boots will keep your feet fashionable…and damn warm

There is nothing I love more than a great pair of winter boots that don’t make me look like the Abominable Snowmonster and let’s be real, that is not an easy thing to find.

With winter creeping it’s ugly head to Montreal, I have been prepping my winter wardrobe and especially my shoe collection because if you know, you know my shoe obsession is on another level.

So when I discovered the small batch collection from Cougar – a limited edition line of premium natural hide, full grain leather and fur trimmed boots that you can literally wear anywhere in ANY weather, my happy level jumped 10 notches!

Although the collection consists of a few styles (see below) my favourite was hands down the Vanora booties – the perfect mix of cozy, fashionable, comfortable and pillowy soft!

Since I love my neutrals, the grey called my name but the collection comes in 3 different colors to satisfy all you picky shoppers.

This exclusive collection will only be available for a short time and once they’re gone, they’re gone for good. Each style will be limited to select retailers in major cities across Canada and the United States. Which means that NOT many gals will be rocking these styles,  making this collection feel extra special. You can buy the Vanora booties at Browns Shoes.

Curious about the other styles in the small batch collection? Check out some of the other styles below and shop them on the Cougar site!





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