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Content Creation


Creating killer content is by far the key ingredient to telling your brand’s story on social media and digital platforms. Taking the brand’s vision as the source of inspiration, Nine Blonde photographs and edits content tailored to each social media or digital platform to engage your audience in a most organic fashion. In partnership with a leading digital and media agency, Nine Blonde can offer full production services for video and graphic design to create campaigns from A-Z.



Social Media Management


Nine Blonde strategically and creatively manages social media accounts to give a voice to your brand that can’t be ignored. Nine Blonde believes in an organic and authentic approach which is reflected in the copy writing, managing, and planning of your social content.



The Influencer Effect


Having developed strong, genuine relationships in the blogoshpere  through the creation of @KarolinaJez, has been a passion for Nine Blonde. With a trustworthy network of influencers and celebrities, Nine Blonde’s approach ensures that a true brand-love is being cultivated with those who can be the brand ambassadors with a credible voice.