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Mandate: Photography for Social Networks + Website

This was a REALLY fun one to shoot. Not only because I got to work with some of my favourite influencers, but REBL House Media was in charge of video production so we both brainstormed and came out with a pretty damn cool campaign for L’Oreal Feria. My mandate? Photograph Xander Vintage and Nathalie Martin from Woah Style as they try the new L’Oreal Feria while showcasing their personal style. These projects are always fun because you get to really know the personalities of the client and sometime even become friends….right ladies? Right.

Pancakes, french toast, eggs, toast, coffee…the morning is my favourite time to eat.

Until Arthur’s Nosh Bar opened up shop across the street from my house, I didn’t know that latkas could be had with my scrambled eggs or that pancakes with cottage cheese tasted like the most heavenly thing ever.

But alas, this couple slash chef dream team of Regan and Alex run one of the coolest and yummiest brunch/lunch spots in Montreal and I get to photograph and eat it all at the same time. Because what diet?