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Mandate: Photography for Digital North American L’Oreal Campaign

 This campaign was a real privilege and fun to shoot. Not only because I have actually used the product myself and loved it (for real), but I also got to shoot some of my favourite digital babes like Xander Vintage, Tobruck Ave, Leigh Dickson, and Melotones to name a few.

The concept was all about being yourself and letting out your inner “splash of colour” while staying true to your who you are so you can only imagine how much fun and how crazzzzy things got on set (think spray paint and too much candy). I got to work with the most amazing team of people that I have done multiple projects with and just can’t get enough of including Rebl House Media for video, Adrian Yves Dupuis (my human unicorn) for the hair colour, my boss baes Kristina Argento and Amelie LaFrance from L’Oréal, and so many more.

Here’s to rainbow hair and epic vibes.