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25 May

How I do #PizzaNight with Delissio

What do you get when you get together a bunch of crazy gals, amazing pizza, and some wine? You guessed it….foodie madness. Justin Bieber tunes included. Cliché? Maybe…but fun? HELL YES.

So since I’m known not be handy in the kitchen like at all, when I can get my hands on some yummy easy to make food I jump on it. In comes the new Delissio Supremo pizza. You want it all? This pizza has it. Stone-baked thin crust is topped with smoked ham, pepperoni, rosemary and ricotta…mmhmm tastes as good as it sounds. Now if you’re rolling your eyes thinking this girl can’t love a frozen pizza this much…it’s frozen pizza. Well let me tell you this: I have tried SO many frozen pizzas, especially for movie nights at home that I consider myself a sort of frozen pizza connoiseur and this baby makes the cut.

Anyways back to you #pizzanight. We got the Bù wines out and spiced up the mini-party with some of the below:

Splendido Chardonnay/Fiano which is the perfect companion for a pizza that has Spring onion and herbs as a base as it brings out the freshness of a white wine.

A bottle of rosé which enhances the deliciousness of a mushroom and ricotta pizza.

Red Vivere blend that is ideal with a classic pepperoni pizza!

Red Glissando, a blend of Nero d’Avola (70%) and Merlot (30%) carries slightly woody notes paired with fruit-filled material making it a ‘must’ with the Smoked Ham pizza!

Now throw in some cheesy girly music, a cute puppy in the mix, and a bunch of girls that are just stoked that it’s the weekend.

#TGIF guys and don’t forget to eat the crust!


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