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31 Mar


I consider myself a risk taker in most aspects of my life – work projects, social scenes, hell I’d swim in a cage of sharks for the thrill of it. I’m all about creativity and trying new things, but when it comes to my hairstyles I don’t stray much. Rocking messy waves – AKA the Kate Moss – on the daily, I don’t do drastic cuts and I fear DIY dyes will leave my hair fried or damaged.

So, when I was first offered the opportunity to partner with L’Oreal and try their new Colorista Semi-permanent hair color, I was extremely skeptical. Rightfully so, as a disastrous previous attempt left my hair in near shambles for at least two months. But I love L’Oreal – their painted lip products and hydra face lotion are a few of my favs – so I took a gamble. And boy, am I glad I did.

I chose the “peach” shade, but they also have purple, aqua, indigo – virtually all colors of the rainbow. The application of the color was SUPER easy, only taking me 15 minutes start to finish, and after one step I had brilliant peachy highlights. The transition back to blonde was just as easy – after three washes it was gone! Happy, healthy hair with no hassle or fuss.

In addition to my own partnership with L’Oreal,  I had the honor of shooting their Canadian Colorista campaign starring a few of my favorite influencers (Xander Vintage, Tobruck Ave, Leigh Dickson, and Melotones). This shoot was SO fun and I loved seeing how the product worked for all these girls as well as it did for me. You can find that campaign on my portfolio here.

Whether you’re going to a festival, traveling on vacation or simply want a fun product that won’t ruin your hair, L’Oreal Colorista is perfect for you. I love being blonde, but everyone needs a pop of color in their life, ya feel? Xx


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