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31 Aug

Design Envy: My Stay At Chicago’s Ambassador Hotel

So I finally made my way to Chicago and was I every super impressed.

From the moment I arrived in the windy city the key things I immediately noticed were how clean every street is, how overly nice people are, and how gorgeous the architecture and interiors are.

But the key aspect to all my travels are the hotels and places I stay in. I have always been a sucker for design and interior style.

The feeling of walking into a space that invokes all kinds of creative sparks and ideas is one of my favourite things to experience when I travel. Yes a super comfy bed and the way they make their latte is also on top of the list guys!

The Ambassador Hotel Chicago was exactly that type of space. Classic but modern, stylish but timeless, and their lattes were damn good too.

A little 411 for ya so you can get where this gem of a hotel gets its sexy vibes from.

With a rich history rooted in Chicago’s Jazz Age, Ambassador Chicago is the city’s original boutique hotel dating back to 1926. Dang!

Located in the heart of the Gold Coast, the iconic property has hosted the who’s who of the 20th and 21st centuries, having served as a local beacon to countless celebrities. The building is nestled among stunning mansions in a quiet, gilded neighbourhood tucked into the centre of the Windy City offering incredible views of Lake Michigan, and with easy access to Chicago’s main shopping boulevard, Michigan Avenue – BONUS!!!!

Now I can go on and on but I’ll let my pictures speak for themselves. By the way it’s places like this that make me love capturing interior design and spaces…I mean swoooooooon!

In the mornings I made my first stop at The Library for my favourite Le Colombe coffee and a little snack.

The Library also transforms by night into a sexy lounge with cocktails, wine, and beer offerings.

This is their lovely restaurant Booth One. I need those hanging lights like yesterday.

An Old fashioned please? Maker’s Mark preferred.

And off to lala land. Yes this bed is as comfy as it looks. Oh the natural light is also a photographers dream!

Convinced to visit Chicago yet? Hit this place up and thank me later.

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