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31 Mar

Love for Arthur’s Nosh Bar

Montreal has an undoubtedly killer food scene. With everything from posh eats at Le Bremner and Foxy to hole-in-the-wall sandwiches at Olive & Gourmando, this city is a foodie’s delight.

But while I dig fresh oysters and rosé or a well-plated piece of filet, I consider brunch to be the most important meal of the day. That’s why when I found Arthur’s Nosh Bar, I found heaven. Because let’s just say Arthur’s knows how to brunch.



My new home away from home, Arthur’s has a modern twist on the classic diner feel. There are penny-tiled floors and a bar lined with retro stools that are occupied 24/7 and it’s like Cheers where everyone knows your name. Alex and Reagan (the owners) are two of hardest working chefs in the game and also epic human beings. She’s as blunt as it gets and bless her for that and he knows WAY too many cool show so if you’re stuck and have nothing to watch call Alex – seriously.



Now let’s talk grub. Nothing here is basic, but everything is delicious. The food is a 2017 rendition of traditional Jewish flare – think french toast made with fresh Challah bread or a Latke Smorgasboard the size of your bed. And let me tell you, the pancakes SLAY. I can say this with confidence because I like to consider myself the pancake queen – wherever I travel I’m on a mission to find killer hot cakes. At Arthur’s, they have a gooey cottage cheese inside drizzled naturally in maple syrup and it’s just basically a party in my mouth. A close second is their “No Budget Brit’s Schnitzel Sandwich” served with whipped honey and their signature hot sauce.


Due to high demand, starting April 3rd Arthur’s will be open daily. That means the best damn pancakes seven days a week, people. Oh, happy days. Xx

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